Setting up DKIM Keys for Highly-Available VMM 2016

Creating the Container in AD

  • Open the Active Directory Service Interfaces Editor(adsiedit.msc)
  • Right-click the ADSI Edit object in the left tree and select Connect To.
  • In most environments it should be sufficient to connect to the Default Naming Context, so the defaults are ok. Click Ok
  • Once connected, expand the connection object and then right click the domain’s container and select New > Object…



  • Provide a value for the name of the container


  • Select container as the class. Click Next


  •  Click Finish


  • Now the container is created but you will still need to take note of the distinguishedName property of the container and provide it to VMM during installation.


  • Right-Click the container and select Properties


  • Now provide this text string (“CN=SCVMM,DC=MSCLOUD07,DC=com”) to the VMM installer during VMM installation.






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