SCVMM WSUS Configurations

Steps :-

Need to install WSUS on a Dedicated Server

Below are the step by Step process

1 Open Server Manager Click on Manage

2 Click on Add Roles and Features


6 Click on Windows Server Update Services to Install

7 Click on Add features89101112 Give a path to store Updates131415 Confirm that Web Server (IIS) should be installed
Click on Install

1617 After Installed Click on Warning Flagged

18  Click on Post Deployment to Complete Configuration

If It Pop’s up for Path give the same Path that you have given earlier for Store

Click on Tools and then Click on Windows Server Update Services
Configure WSUS

2122232425 Click on start Connecting for Save and Download Proxy Server Information.262728  Select Language appropriately

29 This is important because here you will select what updates you want 30 Here you Classify updates

  • 313233 Click on Finish to Configure it Successfully.
    34  The Above Console shows that WSUS has been Configured Successfully
    If have Chosen Manually Synchronization you can run the Synchronization       manually if you have chosen automatically it will run automatically.
    35 Login to SCVMM Server
    Click on Server Manager
    Click on Add Roles and Feature go to Feature
    Expand Remote Server Administration
    Expand Role Administration Tools
    Check on User Interface Management Console and Click on Next.
    Once Interface Management Console is installed Restart SCVMM Service.38

    Login to SCVMM Server

  • Go to Fabric
  • Right Click on Update Server

Click on Add Update Server

Once you click on Add Update Server
The Next Window will pop as shown above
Enter WSUS Server Name with Full FQDN
Port No to check Port No
Go to Server Manager
Go to Tools
Open Windows Server Update Services
Right Click on Update Service
Connect to server
Pop-up Window will Show Port No need to be connected